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Have you asked yourself, "How can I retire?"

Retirement planning
is something we all have to face.

We need a retirement planning check list to be ready for the day.

Social Security won't carry everyone in the style to which they are accustomed.

Most of us could use a work from home business or a part time retirement business to get along.

I want to retire but how can I retire with a minimal income?

It can be cheaper to move and retire elsewhere. Find the cheapest places to retire in the USA or cheapest countries for retirement.

What are the best investments for retirement and what about getting health insurance on a lower budget?

Health insurance for people under 65 or over 65 is different.
What is the current Social Security retirement age depending on when you were born?

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Retire with happiness and have something fun to do with your free time

A lot of people are retiring after working like a dog for their whole lives, and finding that they have no interests other than the work that they always did. It is time for you to plan now for your retirement interests and what to do with your free time.

Top 10 cities to retire on $99.00 a day or less.

Well you and your spouse have worked for too many years now, and it's retirement time. You have about $99.00 dollars a day to live on and where do you want to move to ...or stay where you are. Here are the Top Ten Cities for $99.00 a day.

Social Security Retirement Age Calculator

You've worked most of your life, and now the money from Social Security isn't enough to keep going or maybe you just can't stand hanging around the house doing nothing.
Read about the social security age calculator.

Cheap Places to Retire In USA

When you consider the cheapest places to live in the United States, you will remember that there was a time when if you wanted to have all that you needed you had to live in a city. That is no longer true.   Read about cheap places to retire in the USA.

Create a 401K Retirement Plan

If you create a 401K retirement plan when you are younger, it is more advantageous than later in life. The 401(k) plan contributor can withdraw funds after reaching 59½ years old. The IRS came up with the idea and finally proposed the very regulations that started the 401k program on it's way on November10, 1981.  Read about a 401K retirement plan.

Cheapest Countries for Retirement

First be aware of any pitfalls such as stability of government and religious, social or ethnic conflicts you may have. You have to make sense about the move.
Learn more about the cheap countries in which to retire.

101 Part Time Retirement Business Ideas

You've worked most of your life, and now the money from social security isn't enough to keep you and your family going or maybe you just can't stand hanging around the house doing nothing.
It could be that a semi-retirement business is more your style. Read about part time businesses.

Retirement Programs - Part Time Jobs

Your retirement income just isn't enough because the employees pension plan you have doesn't bring in enough money and possibly little to no retirement benefits. Social Security is not cutting it either. Rather than be bored you can get a part time job. Learn about these part time jobs.

Free Retirement Calculator

Free printable retirement calculator, if you are planning for retirement you need to know how much income for retirement you will need. Prepare to retire ahead of time as it is to your best advantage to do your retirement planning when you are not rushed. Try out the free retirement calculator.

Free Mortgage Calculator - Amortization Tables

Refinance your home mortgage to put yourself in a better financial situation. A friend recently refinanced his home and reduced his monthly mortgage payments by more than $350.00 a month.
Try the free mortgage payment calculator.

Annuities For Retirement

The idea is to protect your nest egg and generate an annuity income during your retirement years. Payouts and prices fluctuate. There is more to know about annuities for retirement

How To Buy Annuities

An annuity is a contract between you and them. You can also buy annuities from some banks, brokerage firms, and directly through mutual fund companies. Learn how to buy annuities.

Why Buy Annuities

There are so many stories that we've heard of people winning the lottery, and they are broke in two years. Read the tale of woe and learn from the experience of others about Why Buy Annuities

What is an annuity

An annuity is a deal between a person and an insurance company. The person makes payments or pays an amount at one time in advance. Annuities are usually bought when planning a retirement to pay out money to live on later.
Read about the various kinds of annuities

What Is An IRA ?

What is an IRA for? In plain language, an IRA is used to put money, stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc., away for the rainy day of retirement and avoid a lot of taxes.
There are 12 pages of excellent information linked on this page about various kinds of IRAs and IRA issues. It is a mini website by itself.  Also see the listed links in the right hand navigation column. Read about IRAs.

IRA For Retirement

People use various retirement investments, and the IRA is one of them. It is an Individual Retirement Arrangement. To choose you might consider how long you have to go until retirement and how much you can put into it. Read more about an IRA for Retirement

Insurance for Retirement

There are different forms of life insurance to use for a retirement plan.  This page defines Whole Life Insurance, Variable Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance.
Read about life Insurance.


Disclaimer: Before you make an investment get legal or professional advice.